Stonebridge Summerfest 2017 in The Colony

Stonebridge Summerfest 2017 in The Colony

Stonebridge Summerfest 2017 in The Colony

BIG WINNERS for Summerfest 2017 in The Colony. First of all, you must know that we love having fun with our awesome patients!! As most of you have noticed, we have a lot of fun summer decorations here in the clinic which in result means: SUMMERFEST IS FINALLY HERE!

We are giving away three amazing prizes here in the clinic this month:

Prize #1: Family Four Pack to HAWAIIAN FALLS & a Beach Bag filled with Swim Goodies.
Prize #2: $100 Gift Card to use at TOP GOLF.⛳
Grand Prize: BBQ GRILL & Grill Accessories!

No purchase necessary and furthermore, you don’t have to be a current patient to win our drawing! Seems like its too good to be true? Its not! So here’s how you can earn tickets to enter:

  • Become a patient in the month of July: +10 TICKETS
  • Each time you come in to the clinic: +1 TICKET
  • Each time you check in on Facebook: +1 TICKET
  • Write a review for us on social media: +3 TICKETS EACH
  • Super excited about your results? Film a video testimonial for us: +5 TICKETS
  • Spread the word! Even more, each new patient that you refer to our practice: +10 TICKETS

Due to the endless chances to win 1 of 3 AWESOME prizes, the time to plan your participation is now. Winners will be announced on Monday, July 31st at 1:30 on our Facebook Live stream. Above all, summerfest is about family fun while improving wellness. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the lucky winner!!!

Thanks for having fun with us this month, even more, we want you to have a care free, healthy summer with these excellent treats in store. We certainly wish the best of luck to everyone!!

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