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Digital X-ray in The Colony is an imaging technology that our office utilizes to help our doctors know exactly how the bones in your spine are moving and where compensation patterns in your body’s mechanics are occurring.  Static x-rays in a still position are useful, but taking x-rays while your body is dynamically moving through a range of motion allows us to see damage and injuries that are not seen by traditional X-rays, CAT scans or MRI.  At Stonebridge Chiropractic, we use a high frequency Digital X-ray technology which produces amazing quality images with lower radiation exposure for our patients.

Benefits to Digital X-rays in The Colony TX

Many of our patients have been involved with an auto accident or sports injury at some point in their life.  Immediately after a new trauma, symptoms usually include muscle damage, ligament tears, and possible joint instability. These symptoms become more painful and easier to identify while moving the body through a range of motion, which is why Digital X-ray can be a vital tool in helping to find and treat these injuries.

Most people feel pain from new or chronic injuries when they are moving, typically symptoms are much less intense when they are still. This means that traditional static x-rays taken while you are holding completely still may not fully show your injuries. This is why Digital X-ray can help identify and your injuries more effectively: Digital X-ray are taken while you are moving, so they can show us both evidence of your injuries and the location of the injured or damaged ligaments from your auto accident, sports injury, or chronic area of pain.

To find out more information on how Digital X-ray may be a solution to help identify the cause of your issues, please contact Stonebridge Chiropractic in The Colony for more information.


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