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At Stonebridge Chiropractic, our chiropractic clinic in The Colony TX, we pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled patient experience by offering comprehensive physical therapy, chiropractic, and medical care all under one roof.

Services in The Colony TX

At Stonebridge Chiropractic, we offer a wide array of services to help you feel your best:

Aspen Laser Therapy

The world’s first and only laser device of its kind, Aspen’s Apex Laser System is shifting the paradigm for the treatment of pain and inflammation. That’s why we couldn’t be more pleased to offer this groundbreaking therapy to our patients. LEARN MORE

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays in The Colony TX is an imaging technology that our office utilizes to help our doctors know exactly how the bones in your spine are moving and where compensation patterns in your body’s mechanics are occurring. LEARN MORE

ProAdjuster 360

Our The Colony TX chiropractors are trained in a variety of light-force techniques, one of which involves specialized equipment called the ProAdjuster 360. Though this technology has been around for over 25 years, our office was the first in Texas to bring in the most recent updated technology in 2019. LEARN MORE

Spinal Decompression

This gentle, non-surgical procedure can provide lower back and neck pain relief, and sciatica pain relief, and is a state-of-the-art procedure for, bulging, herniated, or degenerative disc disease in the neck and lumbar regions. LEARN MORE

Shockwave Therapy

Pneumatic shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses high-energy acoustic waves to stimulate healing in injured or painful areas of the body. These waves penetrate deep into the tissues, promoting circulation, reducing inflammation, and triggering the body's natural healing response. It's commonly used to treat conditions like tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and calcific shoulder tendinitis. During the procedure, you may feel mild discomfort or pressure, but it's generally well-tolerated. Multiple sessions may be needed for optimal results, and many patients experience significant pain relief and improved mobility after their first treatment. LEARN MORE

Rapid Release Pro3

Rapid Release Pro3 Therapy is a non-invasive, high-speed vibration therapy that targets areas of tension and discomfort in the body. Using specialized handheld devices, it delivers rapid vibrations to the muscles and soft tissues, helping to break up scar tissue, reduce muscle spasms, and improve circulation. This therapy is often used to address conditions such as muscle tightness, adhesions, and trigger points. This therapy helps contribute towards faster recovery and enhanced overall well-being.

Knee Decompression

Knee on Trac therapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment designed to alleviate knee pain and improve joint function. It utilizes a specialized traction device to gently stretch and decompress the knee joint, reducing pressure, and promoting healing. This therapy is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from conditions such as osteoarthritis, meniscus tears, and ligament injuries. During the treatment, you'll comfortably rest your knee in the device while it applies controlled traction, aiming to restore proper alignment and reduce inflammation. Many patients experience relief from pain and improved mobility after a series of Knee on Trac therapy sessions, making it an effective option for those seeking conservative knee care.

Conditions We Help

We specialize in helping relieve pain in the following conditions:

  • Back Pain: This is perhaps the most common reason people seek chiropractic care. Whether it's due to poor posture, injury, or a medical condition, our chiropractors often help alleviate back pain through adjustments and other therapies.
  • Neck Pain: Neck pain can stem from various causes such as poor posture, injury, or stress. Our team uses techniques to realign the spine and neck to alleviate discomfort in the neck (cervical spine).
  • Headaches and Migraines: Many people find relief from chronic headaches and migraines through chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapy around the skull and neck. Misalignments in the spine can contribute to these issues, and our doctors aim to correct them in a specific way to reduce frequency and severity of headaches.
  • Joint Pain: Our team also addresses joint pain in areas such as the shoulders, knees, hips, and wrists. By restoring proper alignment and function, we can help alleviate discomfort and improve mobility. Our goal is to get each patient back to the activities they love!
  • Sciatica: Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back down the legs, becomes irritated or compressed. Chiropractic adjustments and therapies can help relieve pressure on the nerve and reduce symptoms like pain, numbness, and tingling.
  • Posture Improvement: Poor posture can contribute to a range of health issues, including back and neck pain. Chiropractors can provide guidance on improving posture and perform adjustments to realign the spine, which can help alleviate discomfort and prevent future problems.
  • Sports Injuries: Athletes often seek chiropractic care to recover from sports-related injuries or to enhance performance. We take a specialized approach to providing adjustments, soft tissue therapies, and rehabilitation exercises to help athletes recover from injuries and optimize their physical function.
  • Arthritis: While chiropractic care cannot cure arthritis, it can help manage symptoms by improving joint function and reducing pain. Our team of doctors use gentle adjustments, stretching exercises, and other soft tissue techniques to alleviate discomfort associated with arthritis and to help alleviate the aches and pains associated with aging.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our all-in-one healthcare solution at Stonebridge Chiropractic. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and take the first step toward a healthier, happier you.


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